Hidden treasure chests

Our apartments are located in an evocative alley - costa – away from the confusion of the city centre. The short ascent will be worth considering what is in store for you past the threshold: 5 cosy and rare treasures. Only 5, to dedicate our passion to each of them. Each space is decorated with dedication, the smallest details are extremely important to us. Scented linens, tasty chocolates and romantic candles: do make yourself at home.

Where ancient meets modern

In our fascinating refuges, the charm of artisan manufactures encounters the functionality and the style of modern design. The brocades harmoniously coexist with innovative disappearing kitchens; the old patterns of Florentine stories decorate the walls with resin upholstery. Some of the apartments feature exposed beams or bricks, while others are decorated with golden colours, but without excess. Immerse yourself in a timeless holiday.

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La Corte

37 sqm - 2 adults + 2 children

View on picturesque internal courtyard

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Affacci sulla via

30 sqm - 2 adults + 1 children

Bohemian atmosphere

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Il Cipresso

30 sqm - max 4 children

Two spaces with a view of the city

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Il Camino

45 sqm - 2 adults + 3 children

Plenty of space for the family

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Il Miraggio

43 sqm - 2 adults

Love nest with ineffable views

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Travel impressions

A most splendid accommodation in Florence, beyond any expectations. It really feels like being at home.

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