The magic of the Home Tower

QK Costa58 Home Tower includes elegant apartments in a medieval tower house.
The fascination of old memories comes to life again in the embrace of the Oltrarno district, the coolest in town.

The views are indescribable, while the bohemian atmosphere of Costa San Giorgio completes the bliss.

Let the enchantment begin

La Corte

37 sqm - 2 adults + 2 children

View on picturesque internal courtyard

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Affacci sulla via

30 sqm - 2 adults + 1 children

Bohemian atmosphere

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Il Cipresso

30 sqm - max 4 children

Two spaces with a view of the city

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Il Camino

45 sqm - 2 adults + 3 children

Plenty of space for the family

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Il Miraggio

43 sqm - 2 adults

Love nest with ineffable views

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Charming dwellings

Our apartments are different one from the other, like precious pearls of a same necklace. Each with an ancient soul and its own stories to tell. In the apartments with a view, your eyes will be filled with wonder. A pattern brings all the threads together: the unconditioned love for beautiful things.

Your home away from home

Florentia in your hand

Our luxury apartments take you to the heart of the town, just about the right distance from the busy centre. We are located in Oltrarno, among artisan workshops, picturesque trattorie and alleys that resemble a painting. Just a few steps away and you will see Florence disclose its wonders for you: Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Garden, and this is just the beginning...

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Amazing surroundings... Perfect location...

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